Italian Translations is a small translation agency.

We specialize in Dutch and Italian languages. Because of our fast knowledge of both languages, country’s and cultures, we translate from Italian to Dutch and from Dutch to Italian.

Our objective is to ranslate and correct texts by reproducing the contents of your text in correct Dutch and Italian. The original translation has to be mirrored in every way and in all aspects.

The translation will always be made by a native speaker to guarantee the quality.
Your documents will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

For other language combinations we refer you to one of our colleges. We work with agencies and individuals. We translate websites, brochures, manuals and correspondence.

Our rates are counted from the original translatable text, by word. Our rate depends on the size of the translation, time limit or if it is a certified translation.

24 hours available, 7 days a week, Dutch time zone.